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This is Gin and over the years I have helped hundreds of clients grow their email list profitably by delivering High Quality Solo Ads Traffic.

You are about to find out how I did it as you continue reading below and how you can TOO Nuture your list, and grow your business profitably in the shortest time possible!

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History Of Empowered Choice Solo Ads


Clients served


Clicks Sold!

Years Of Experience!

Recent record! (91,721 Clicks sent in 30 Days!)


Enough Of Us Yapping, Let Our Satisfied Clients Share Their Experience & Success With You!

Rohan Pinto - Rising Star In MMO Space!

"Gin overdelivers in so many ways! Not just the clicks, but the overall Quality Of Traffic!"

Jonathan Chow - Pelmanism Secrets

"Your clicks have brought me alot of Opt-ins and ALOT of SALES!"

Tom Lua - Multiple 6-Figure Product Creator (Profit Injector, Voice Cash Pro & Profit Genesis)

"If you are looking for High QUALITY traffic, please look out to Empowered Choice Solos!"

Derek Hasdell - Japan

"Highly Responsive Traffic that gets you RESULTS! "

Even Top Personal-Development Companies Such As MindValley Academy uses US as their 'Secret Weapon!'

(Trainers they bring onboard: Robin Sharma, T Harv Eker. Neale Donald Walsh, Michael Beckwith, Wim Hoff & MORE!)

74k clicks and counting!

Even The Legendary Robert G. Allen?!

Author Of Multiple Streams Of Income, The One Minute Millionaire, Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, #1 New York Times Best Seller With 4 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

If You've Made It All The Way Here, You Might Be Wondering, WHY Did They Choose Us As Their Go-To-Traffic Source?


Look. Yes we are in the solo ads business and there are a lot of numbers involved. (Especially when dealing with thousands and thousands of clicks.)

However, we still remember that our subscribers are REAL PEOPLE and not just numbers on a spread sheet. 

On top of that, we continue to provide value and powerful content through our newsletters, so when our subscribers end up on your list, they are not merely there JUST for the free stuff! They are READY to BUY! 

These are just a few.. (I don't want to flood you with them)

Reason #1: We HONOUR Our Subscribers As REAL HUMAN BEINGS!

We do list cleaning EVERY 5-7 Days, that means inactive subscribers, undeliverables, or OLD unused email users will be removed from the list, keeping it FRESH, engaged and responsive!

Not only that, we also give our subscribers options to receive lesser emails because we treat them like freakin VIPs'! That's why they love us too!

Reason #2: List Hygiene Practices! (Of Course)

Reason #3: Results Speak For Itself!

Need we say more?

'Consistenly checked in on me to ensure I'm getting results! Highly recommended!

Number 1 Les brown Super Affiliate, Shawn Ong'

'500 Clicks ordered. 689 RECEIVED + SALES!
Affiliate Manager At Success Vantage - Ang Weiying'

'500 Clicks ordered, 700 Clicks RECEIVED!
Founder Of 67goldenrules.com - Hubert Koh'

'Great Quality Traffic and nice OD! - Raymond Han'

'Super Reliable Seller. Excellent ROI! - Johnny Lee'

'Sales came in at the latter part and Gin was courteous with the over delivery for MORE SALES! - Ivan Yong'

' He found out I didn't make sales initially, so he decided to deliver additional clicks to me even though he doesn't have to. I feel that he is treating me not as a buyer, but more of a FRIEND! (that really deserves my respect) - Alex Hui'

'2000 clicks ordered, 2300+ RECEIVED! First time purchase from Gin and I didn't regret it! - Kelvin Teo'

'2000 clicks ordered, 2720+ RECEIVED + SALES! Gin gave me lots of tips on how to improve my landing pages!Definitely the GO-TO guy! - Javier Chua'

We TOTALLY get it.  How it feels like during your first few solo(s) purchases..

You're constantly clicking the "refresh" button to see how many subscribers you've received... How much sales you've gotten... The opt-ins % etc...

Here's the thing..

Not every solo ad deal will go smoothly 100%. Even the top solo ad providers in the industry knows that!

Not every run comes with high opt-ins and even sales.
(It's not a magic bullet!)

There are NO guarantees what will happen! But here's why we are different. Even BEFORE you purchase clicks from us, we will go through your funnel and see if we are a good fit. If it's something we feel that we are not confident delivering, we will kindly reject your solo ad purchase.

No hard feelings.

During the solo ads run, if results are not favourable, we will strategize on how to MAXIMIZE the outcome. (Increasing opt-ins, tweaking headlines, tweaking your funnel etc..)

Our Empowered Choice Solo Ads team will provide you with constant follow ups and updates on the progress and ADJUST accordingly toward your desired results.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@theempoweredchoice.org

OR connect with me via facebook directly by clicking on my image below!

Reason #4: Real Satisfaction, Constant Follow Up and Updates!

Reason #5: We overdeliver, We Compensate, We Diversify!

Our Traffic Also Works Well With...

At Empowered Choice Solos, we 

have a habit to overdeliver by at least 5%! Consider that a BONUS :)

Over Delivery Guarantee!

For all first time buyers, you enjoy a WHOOPING 10% over-delivery GUARANTEE your first order! (Regardless of the number of clicks you order!)

First-Time Buyer's Priviledge!

Most solo ads vendors only fulfill a few selected niche. We cover several niches such as Personal Development, Make money online and even Health! 

Different Niches!

Reason #6: Our List LOVES To Buy!

$600.46 USD in ONE mailing!

$1.79 Earnings Per Clicks!

$1.01 Earnings Per Clicks!

EVEN $2.45 Earnings Per Clicks!

'Made back the solo ads cost in SALES! Gained new subscribers FOR FREE! - Jethro Mah'

'14 Sales From 1000 clicks ordered! Probably the HIGHEST amount of sales from my recent purchase! - John Cho, Product Creator Of Manifestation Magic'

Ready To Get Started?

Watch your list FLOURISH! WoohoO!

I'm new.. I don't know which one is best for me. :(

Honestly.. It depends on your own budget. There is no right or wrong.

Most importantly, when it comes to investing in your own business, you have to look at it from a 'LONG-TERM' perspective instead a 

'ONE-NIGHT STAND' lol. I know it's funny but if you really want to succeed in your list building journey, trust me on this.

You cannot succeed with the mindset of 'how much money you can save' because that is as good as playing DEFENSE in the football field. You simply CANNOT win by defending! (Read our 7 Deadly mistakes here!)

If you are new, I would recommend you to start off with 500 - 1000 clicks. That would give you enough data to optimize your funnel, offers and other stuff.

If you are AMBITIOUS and would like to grow your list FAST? (Success loves SPEED) I would recommend you to order 2000 clicks or MORE. (True story? I started out my list building with 5000 clicks upfront.)

If you are financially tight right now but would love to get started, I would recommend you to start with 200 clicks at the bare minimum. 100 clicks is fine too, but personally I feel that it isn't good enough especially if you want 'feedback' on your funnel.

Other questions? Connect with me HERE and I'll be happy to help.

If not, book a slot by clicking your preferred package BELOW Now! (Upon payment, one of our staff will REACH you within 24 hours!)

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And Join Even MORE Successful Clients We've Served!

'2nd Run With Gin! Reliable and able to deliver as always + SALES! - Johnny Lee'

'2X500 ordered. 3X500 RECEIVED! Definitely recommended! - Leo Huang'

'Gin gave me lots of useful tips and advice. My opt-in rate increased by MORE THAN 10% from (40 to 53%) PLUS SALES! - Johnathan Chow'

'FAST traffic, great service! Highly recommended! - Loretta Tifara'

'Gin helped TREMENDOUSLY in fine tuning my sales funnel. Even in the gym he was thinking of ideas while working out! That shows how much he cares! Thanks Gin! - Ian Siew'

'Excellent Quality Traffic and clicks! 64% Opt-in rate with MULTIPLE SALES! - Jack Koh'

'1000 clicks ordered, 1378 received! (37.8% OD! + SALES!) Recommended seller if you need quality leads! - Alex Lo'

'500 clicks ordered, 932 clicks RECEIVED! (86.4% OVERDELIVERY + SALES!) Thanks So Much For The Overdelivery Of Clicks! - Andrea Chua'

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